BMV "SE800" trimming machines come in various models to suit all kinds of requirements and type of system.
All the range models are applied in front of the tractor.
The power required is supplied by the hydraulic sockets of the tractor or, upon request, a separate hydraulic control unit can be provided.
Hardened steel blades ensure top quality trimming with high cutting speeds (2000-2500 g/min.),even when the tractor moves fast along.
The special drive belt used does not require a belt tensioner.
The 4 hydraulic movements for RISE, INCLINATION, CROSSWISE MOVEMENT, TOP INCLINATION, allow the machine to better adapt to the rows.
The top upper cut group has an automatic withdrawing device in front of obstacles (i.e. rows poles)
Many optional can be furnished like WINE SHOOT GATHERER and ELECTRIC CONTROL.