E600 double blade

The new B.M.V. trimming machine model “E600 Double Blade” has been developed in order to eliminate all sliding and reduce the spaces. The result has been an easier and lighter machine.
The cutting part is made up by an alternative double blade mower.
The trimming machines E600, in their different models are compatible with any need and kind of growing.
All models are mounted in the front side of tractor.
The power is taken from the hydraulic intakes of the tractor or on demand, it is possible to supply an independent hydraulic tank.
All models are equipped with trolley and protections for parking.
The 4 hydraulic movements for elevation, inclination, inclination correction, top inclination allow the machine to better adapt to the row.
The upper articulated top can retract next to obstacles (for ex. Rows’ poles). Different optional are available, like root-gatherer and electric control.