The new B.M.V. dry pruner model "PR3000" allows to contain the production costs and to reduce the labour, nowadays lacking and too expensive.It’s suitable for the pruning of the espaliers “Guyot and spur pruned cordon.The working times are reduced of 50-60%.All the range models are applied in front of the tractor.The power required is supplied by the hydraulic sockets of the tractor or, upon request, a separate hydraulic control unit can be provided.The machine if fed by the hydraulic sockets of the tractor.The 4 hydraulic movements for rise, inclination, crosswise movement, disc opening in proximity of row poles, allow the machine to better adapt to the rows.The two cutting groups can be both made with many discs, according to the required working-height.It starts from a minimum of 400 mm. to a maximum of 800 mm.