The new B.M.V. "FL500P" trimming machine has been studied to lop both trees still green and those dry, like citrus, olive groves and orchards on two rows, at the same time To trim dry trees, there are some turning discs AE 500 for orchards branches until 15 cm. of diameter.
In order to lop, in a very simple and quick way, trees still green, there are some knives that can cut until 2-3 cm. of diameter, with an higher feed speed.
The profits are: a bigger air circulation, agricultural machines easy movement, uniform scattering of chemical agents on the leafage, easy scattering of herbicides and fertilzers on the ground.
The machine has got an independent hydraulic unit with 80 litres tank, an inner filter, a radiator for the cooling and a double pump.
The various hydraulic displacements enable the machine to any kind of adaptation to the row.